General English (GE)

(CRICOS Code 048142A)

Du Duration 10 – 40 weeks
 CH Class hours  20 hours per week Mon – Thur 8:30 – 14:30
 Acs Average class size   15 – 18 students
 La Level available   Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
 ErEntry requirements  Beginners and above

For students who want to learn “real life English”, Ozford offers all levels of General English delivering new and relevant topics each week (10- 15 weeks each level). Your class will focus on valuable and practical communication skills for a range of situations. You will meet people from different countries and cultures while learning what you need at your own pace. Your level of English is tested on your first day at Ozford. Promotion to the next English language level is possible as you progress. You will be assessed in the four macro skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing each week of the course. The program also includes a range of exciting incursions, excursions and dynamic English sessions.

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Every Monday


speaking-2 Practising using a wide range of themes and topics, Conversation practice, Functional communication, Pronunciation, Presenting in English, Conducting surveys
listening-2 Listening to social conversations, Understanding different contexts, Understanding sequence and time, Following instructions, Conducting surveys, YouTube world
writing-2 Filling out forms, Writing letters and emails, Developing paragraphs, Note-taking and summarising, Writing descriptive and narrative essays, Writing blogs, Writing for social media
reading-2 Reading for gist and for detailed information, Skimming and scanning, Reading signs, menus, advertisements and forms, Reading for pleasure, Evaluating different reading texts, Online news reading
vocabulary-2 Discovering new language, Using synonyms and antonyms, Using idiomatic expressions, Using practical, authentic grammar, Vocabulary for – social, work, academic, online
research-2 Setting personal learning goals, Time management, Independent learning strategies, Keeping personal records for self- reflection, Reviewing and editing work, Using online learning technologies

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